Assumption Extension and Social Outreach Programme (AESOP)

Assumption College has been in the forefront of women’s education since its inception on 1950.It has always redefined its strategies to make students socially committed and learning beyond the confines of classrooms. After becoming an autonomous institution in 2016, the College made Extension and Social outreach Programme a compulsory component for the successful completion of the undergraduate and post graduate programmes. Assumption Extension and Social Outreach Programme (AESOP) is a compulsory 18 hours social involvement programme for instilling social commitment in the minds of students and to equip them to understand and respond to the socio economic realities of our nation.

The Objective

The core objective of the programme is to reach out to the society and to help families to enhance their happiness index.

The Programme

The programme starts in the second year of the undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. Each department selects a particular location for their service. The activities in each locality include educational modules, recreational activities, interactive and participatory programmes, exhibitions and demonstrations. The thrust areas are Health and Fitness, Waste Management, Energy Conservation, Organic Farming and Financial Literacy.