B.A. COMMUNICATIVE ENGLISH (Job oriented, Triple Main, Semester System, self financing)


Year    Sem    Subject Paper Paper Title
Core ENCR1 Methodology of Humanities and Literature
    Core ENCJ1 History of English Literature till Romantic Period
    Core ENCJ2 Reading and Comprehension
    Core ENCJ3 Introduction to Journalism and Print Media
    Core ENCJ4 Public Relations
  II  Core ENCJ5 Editing and Fundamentals of Media Writing
    Core ENCJ6 English Literature from Victorian to Post Modern Period
    Core ENCJ7 Remedial English Grammar
    Core ENCJ8 Conversational Skills
    Core ENCJ9 Interpersonal Skills
III  Core ENCR3 Literature and Informatics
    Core ENCR4 Reading Prose
    Core ENCJ10 Creative Writing / Counter Culture
    Core ENCJ11 Business Writing
    Core ENCJ12 Basic Word Processing
  IV  Core ENCR5 Reading Poetry
    Core ENCR6 Reading Fiction
    Core ENCJ13 OJT in Communicative English
    Core ENCJ14 Translation: Theory and Practice
    Core ENCJ15 Radio and Television Journalism
Core ENCR7 Reading Drama
    Core ENCR8 Language and Linguistics
    Core ENCR8 Language and Linguistics
    Core ENCR9 Literary Criticism : Theory and Practice
    Core ENCR10 Post-Colonial Literature
      ENOG3 Open Course – English for Careers
  VI  Core ENCR11 Women’s Literature
    Core ENCR12 Indian Writing
    Core ENCR13 Comparative Literature
    Core ENCJ17 Mass Media and Advertising
      ENCJ18 OJT in Journalism