B.A. Museology and Archaeology

B.A. Museology and Archaeology 
Year    Sem    Subject Paper Paper Title
Core 1 HYC01 Methodology and Perspectives of Social Science
    Core 2 HYC/M3/01 History of Art and Architecture in India
    Core 3 HYC/V/AM/01 Basics of Archaeology
    Compl 1 UG Socio IIIC01 Introduction to Sociology
  II  Core 4 HYC02 Cultural Transition in Pre-Modern Kerala
    Core 5 HYC/V/AM/02 Methods of Archaeology
    Core 6 HYC15/02 History of Folklore
    Compl 2 UG Socio IVC02 Development of Sociological Theory
III  Core 7 HYC03 Making of Modern Kerala
    Core 8 HYC04 Informatics
    Core 9 HYC/V/AM/03 Basics of Museology
    Core 10 HYC/M3/03 Basics of Indian Numismatics
    Compl 3 PSIC01UG An Introduction to Political Science
  IV  Core 11 HYC05 Understanding the past
    Core 12 HYC06 Early Societies in India
    Core 13 HYC/V/AM/04 Methods of Museology
    Core 14 HYC/M3/04 Development of Numismatics in India
    Compl 4 PS2C02UG Governmental Machinery and Processes
Core 15 HYC/V/AM/05 Growth of Indian Archaeology
    Core 16 HYC/M3/05 Introduction to Archives and Records
    Core 17 HYOP/V/07 Systems of Museology
    Core 18 HYC/V/EF/01 Environmental History
    Core 19 HYC/V/15/04 Open Course – Gender Studies
  VI  Core 20 HYC/M3/06 Archaeological Sites and Monuments in India
    Core 21 HYC/M3/07 Archival Conservation and Reprography
    Core 22 HYC/V/15/06 Museology in Practice
    Core 23 HYOP04 Choice Based Course – History of Human Rights Movements in India
    Core 24   On the Job Training / Course work / Project