B.Com with Taxation

B.Com with Taxation
Year    Sem    Course Code Paper Title
Common-1 Language-English
    Common-2 Language-Second Language
    CM01BAA01 Business Statistics
    CM01BAA02 Modern Banking
    CM01BAA03 Business Regulatory Frame Work
    CM01BA901 Perspectives and Methodology of Business Studies
  II  Common-3 Language-English
    Common-4 Language-Second Language
    CM02BAA01 Quantitative Techniques for Business Research
    CM02BAA02 Principles of Insurance
    CM02BAA03 Corporate Regulations & Governance
    CM02BA901 Business Communication and Management Information
  III  Common-5 Language-English
    CM03BA01 Marketing Management
    CM03BAA02 Finanacial Accounting
    CM03BAA03 E-Commerce and General Informatics
    CM03BAA04 Business Management Optional Course/Paper-I
    CM03BBA01 A. Finance & Taxation: Paper-I Financial Management
    CM03BBA02 B. COmputer Applications:Paper-I Information Technology for Business
  IV  Common-6 Language-English
    CM04BAA01 Capital Market
    CM04BAA02 Corporate Accounting
    CM04BA901 Entrepreneurship Development and Project Management
    CM04BAA03 Financial Services Optional Course/Paper-II
    CM04BBA01 A. Finance & Taxation: Paper-II Value added Tax-Concepts and Practice
    CM04BBA02 B. Computer Application: Paper II Information Technology for Office
  CM05BAA01 Cost Accounting
    CM05BAA02 Special Accounting
    CM05CAA01 Advertising and Sales promotion
    Open Stream Open Course Optional Course/Paper-III
    CM05BBA01 A. Finance & Taxation: Paper-III Income Tax-Law and Practice
    CM05BBA02 B. Computer Application: Paper III Computerised Accounting
  VI  CM06BAA01 Applied Cost Accounting
    CM06CAA01 Principles of Business Decisions
    CM06BAA02 Practical Auditing
    CM06BAA03 Accounting for Managerial Decisions
    CM06BAA03 Accounting for Managerial Decisions Optional Course/Paper-IV
    CM06BBA01 A. Finance & Taxation: Paper-IV Income Tax-Assessment & Procedure
    CM06BBA02 B. Computer Application: Paper IV
      Data Base Management
      System for Business