B.Sc CHEMISTRY (Eligibility)
Year    Sem    Subject Paper Paper Title
Core CH1B01 Methodology of Chemistry as a discipline of Science (Practical) Volumetric Analysis
    Compl 1 Maths MC1C01 Differential Calculus and Trigonometry
    Compl 2 Physics CH1C01U Properties of matter, Mechanics & Elementary particles
Physics practical I
  II Core CH2B01 Theoretical and Inorganic Chemistry (Practical) Volumetric Analysis
    Compl 1 Maths MC2C01 Integral Calculus and Matrices
    Compl 2 Physics CH2C01U Electric and magnetic phenomena Thermody namics and Elementary solid state
Physics Physics Practical II
2 III Core CH3B01 Fundamentals of Organic Chemistry (Practical) Qualitative Organic Analysis
    Compl 1 Maths MC3C01U Vector Calculus, Fourier Series and Analytic Geometry
    Compl 2 Physics CH3C01U Quantum Mechanics, Spectroscopy, Nuclear Physics and Electronics
Physics Practical III
  IV Core CH4B01 Basic Organic Chemistry I (Practical) Qualitative Organic Analysis
    Compl 1 Maths MC4C01 Differential Equation, Abstract Algebra and Numerical Analysis
    Compl 2 Physics CH4C01U Physical Optics, Laser Physics and Super conductivity
Physics Practical IV
3 V Core CH5B01 Chemisty of d & f bock elements
      CH5B01(P) Qualitative Inorganic Analysis
    Core CH5B02 Basic Organic Chemistry – II
      CH5B02(P) Preparation and Basic Laboratory Skills
    Core CH5B03 States of Matter
      CH5B03(P) Physical Chemistry Practicals
    Core CH5B04 Quantum Mechanics and Spectroscopy
    Open course CH5D01.4 Environmental Chemistry
  VI Core CH6B01 Applied Inorganic Chemistry
      CH6B01(P) Quantitative Inorganic Analysis
    Core CH6B02 Chemistry of Natural Products and Biomolecules
      CH6B02(P) Preparation and Basic Laboratory Skills
    Core CH6B03 Equilibrium and Kinetics
      CH6B03(P) Physical Chemistry Practicals
    Core CH6B04 Solution Chemistry
    Core CH6B05 Gravimetric Analysis
Choice Based Course (Elective)
      CH6B06.4 Environmental Chemistry
      CH6B07 Project / Dissertation