B.Sc. MATHEMATICS (Eligibility)
Year    Sem    Subject Paper Paper Title
Core MM1BO1 Foundation of Mathematics
    Compl 1 Statistics ST1CMI Basic Statistics
    Compl 2 Physics MT1CO1U Properties of Matter, Mechanics and Fourier analysis Physics practical I
  II  Core MM2BO2 Analytic, Geometry, Trigonometry& Matrices
    Compl 1 Statistics ST2CMI Theory of Random Variables
    Compl 2 Physics MT2CO1U Electric and magnetic Phenomina, Thermody namics and special theory of relativity Physics practical II
III   Core MM3BO1 Calculus
    Compl 1 Statistics ST3CMI Probability Distributions
    Compl 2 Physics MT3CO1U Quantum Mechanics, spectroscopy, Nuclear Physics, Basic Electronics, Digital Electronics Physics practical III
  IV  Core MM4BO1 Vector Calculus Theory of Equations and Numerical Methods
    Compl 1 Statistics ST4CMI Statistical Inference
    Compl 2 Physics MT4CO1U Physical optics, Laser Physics and Astro Physics Physics practical IV
Core MM5BO1 Mathematical Analysis
    Core MM5BO2 Differential Equations
    Core MM5BO3 Abstract Algebra
    Core MM5BO4 Fuzzy Mathematics
    Core MM5DO2 Applicable Mathematics (Open Course)
  VI  Core MM6BO1 Real Analysis
    Core MM6BO2 Complex Analysis
    Core MM6BO3 Discrete Mathematics
    Core MM6BO4 Linear Algebra and Metric Spaces
    Core MM6DO1 Operation Research (Choice based course)