BA History

B.A. HISTORY (Eligibility)
Year    Sem    Subject Paper Paper Title
Core 1 HYC01 Methodology and Perspectives of Social Science
    Compl 1   General Economics Principles
  II  Core 2 HYC02 Cultural Transition in Pre-Modern Kerala
    Compl 2   Basic Economics Studies
III  Core 3 HYC03 Making of Modern Kerala
    Core 4 HYC04 Informatics
    Compl 3   An Introduction to Political Science
  IV  Core 5 HYC05 Understanding the Past
    Core 6 HYC06 Early Societies in India
    Compl 4   Governmental Machinery & Processes
Core 7 HYC07 Institutions in Pre-Colonial India
    Core 8 HYC08 State and Societies in the Ancient World
    Core 9 HYC09 India – Nation in the Making
    Core 10 HYC10 Trends in Historical Writings
    Open Course HYOP02 Environmental History in Indian Context
  VI  Core 11 HYC11 Issues in Contemporary India
    Core 12 HYC12 Situating Medieval World
    Core 13 HYC13 Understanding Modern World
    Core 14 HYC14 Capitalism and Colonialism
    Core 15 HYC15 Choice based (Elective)