Year    Sem    Subject Paper Paper Title
Core ENCNO1 English I
    Core FTO1BACO1 Introduction to Fashion Art (P)
    Core FTO1BACO2 Sewing Fundamentals (P)
    Core FTO1BACO3 Surface Ornamentation (P)
    Compl I FTO1CACO1 Textile Science (T)
    Compl II FTO1CACO2 Introduction to Fashion Business (T)
  II  Core ENCNO3 English II
    Core FTO2BACO1 Elements of Fashion & Advanced Drawing (P)
    Core FTO2BACO2 Garment Construction (P)
    Core FTO2BACO3 Fundamentals of Pattern Making (P)
    Core FTO2BACO4 Elements of Design and Its Application (T)
    Compl I FTO2CACO1 Traditional Indian Textiles & History of Indian Art & Costume (T)
    core FTO6BACO4 Craft Documentation
III  core FTO3BACO1 Fashion Stylization and Designing (P)
    core FTO3BACO2 Advanced Garment Construction (P)
    core FTO3BACO3 Pattern Manipulation (P)
    core FTO3BACO4 Western Costume (T)
    core FTO3BACO5 World Art Appreciation (P)
    core FTO3BACO6 Draping (P)
    Compl II FTO3CACO1 Fashion Marketing (T)
  IV  Core FTO4BACO1 Advanced Fashion Illustration (P)
    Core FTO4BACO2 Garment Assembing (P)
    Core FTO4BACO3 Advanced Pattern Making and Grading (P)
    Core FTO4BACO4 Computer Graphics (P)
    Compl I FTO4CACO1 Fundamentals of Apparel Production (T)
    Compl II FTO4CACO2 Export Merchandising (T)
    Compl I FTO6CACO1 Knitwear Module
    Compl II FTO6CACO2 Internship (Project)
Core FTO5BACO1 Theatre Costume Designing (P)
    Core FTO5BACO2 Choice Based Course
    Core FTO5BACO3 Kid’s Wear and Men’s Wear (P)
    Compl I FTO5CACO1 Textile Design (P)
    Compl II FTO5CACO2 Computer Aided Textile Designing (P)
      FTO5DACO1 Open Course
  VI  Core FTO6BACO1 Final Collection (P)
    Core FTO6BACO2 Accessory Designing (P)
    Core FTO6BACO3 Portfolio Making (P)