Bsc Computer Science

B.Sc Computer Science (Semester System, no additional language) (Eligibility) 
Year    Sem    Subject Paper Paper Title
Common ENCN01 English- I
    Compl MEC102 Mathematics I
    Core BCS103 Basic Electronics and Computer Fundamentals
    Core BCS104 Methodology of Programming and Programming in C
    Compl BCS105 Digital Electronics
    Core BCS106 Software Lab I(C)
  II  Common ENCN03 English II
    Compl MEC202 Mathematics II
    Core BCS203 Data Structures
    Compl BCS204 Principles of Electrical Communications
    Core BCS205 Object Oriented Programming in C++
    Core BCS206 Software Lab II (C++)
2 III Compl BCS301 Probability and Statistics
    Core BCS302 System Software
    Core BCS303 Data Base Management Systems
    Core BCS304 Data Communications
    Core BCS305 Computer Organisation
    Core BCS306 Software Lab III (Oracle)
  IV Core BCS401 Visual Programming
    Core BCS402 Microprocessors and Assembly Language Programming
    Core BCS403 Computer Network and Internet
    Core BCS404 Operating System
    Core BCS405 Assembly Language Programming
    Core BCS406 Software Lab IV (Visual Basic)
V   Core BCS501 Computer Aided Optimization Techniques
    Core BCS502 System Analysis and Design
    Core BCS503 Java Programming
    Core BCS504 Linux and PHP
    Core BCS505 Open course
    Core BCS506 Linux Programming Project in Java
  VI  Core BCS601 Parallel Processing
    Core BCS602 Computer Graphics and Multimedia
    Core BCS603 Elective
      BCS604 Seminar
      BCS605 Project