Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC)

The IQAC of the College was reconstituted in the following members, after the second re-accreditation in 2014.

Members from Staff:

  • Dr Sr Amala SH (Dr Sr Marykutty Joseph) (Principal)
  • Sr Thresiamma Devasia CMC(Vice- Principal)
  • Dr Regimol C Cherian (Vice-Principal)
  • Ms Rani Maria Thomas(IQAC-Co-ordinator)
  • Ms Rosmi Lukose (Secretary)
  • Dr Jinsamma Joseph
  • Dr Reethamma O V
  • Dr Saji Mariam George
  • Dr Jissy Mathew
  • Ms Linz Tom
  • Dr Jikcey Issac
  • Dr Paulami Aich Mukherjee
  • Dr Stephen Mathews, Director, Management Studies, SB College
  • Mr A V George, President, TiE Kerala

Guest Members
Librarian – Dr. Sr Mercy Thekkumury SABS
College Bursar- Rev Dr Thomas Joseph Parathara
Ms Theresa Thomas
Student Representative- College Chairperson

The central concern of IQAC is the channelisation of the post-accreditation efforts and measures of this institution toward academic excellence and its deliberations to ensure quality in Infrastructure, Governance, Academic Research Extension It seeks to ensures continuous improvement in the entire operation of the institution and ensure the stakeholders accountability for quality. The IQAC diligently keeps track of quality enhancement measures through regular meetings and discussions. The cell takes a campus appraisal from student representations with a view to improving student services. At the end of each academic year an Internal Audit of all aspects of the College is done under the initiative of the IQAC. Based on the evaluative reports and subsequent discussions, necessary changes are made in the following academic year. Seminars and quality related talks by invited quests are conducted every year. The IQAC also takes the initiative to apply for new innovative courses, and to secure funds from the UGC under the different plan periods. The IQAC members attend and present papers in quality related NAAC sponsored seminars in various institution. An Academic Monitoring Cell for Excellence (AMoCE) and Research Promotion Council function under the IQAC. Another venture of the IQAC is the selection of CORALS is a Core group of Advanced Learners, to identify the best outgoing students every year. Some of the special activities of the IQAC in the last year were:

–>External Audit conducted on 30 & 31st January 2014. Peer team Members:
Rev. Dr. James Palackel, Manager
Dr. Stephen Mathews, Former Principal, S.B College
Dr. M M Mathews, Retired faculty, Marthoma College
–>An External Audit of all Department in November 2010.
–>An International Seminar “The Green Path to Sustainability: Prospectus & Challenges” in connection with the Diamond Jubilee Celebrations of the College.
–>Presentation for the next Reaccreditation by NAAC.

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