M.A. ENGLISH (Eligibility) 
Year Semester No Paper Paper Title
I 1 PC1 Chaucer and the Roots of English
     PC2 Writings of Renaissance
     PC3 Revolution and Enlightenment
    PC4 Literary Criticism and Academic Writing
     PC5 Indian English Literature
   2 PC6 Literature of the Nineteenth Century
     PC7 Modernism in Context
    PC8 Dimensions of the Postmodern
      PC9 Language and Linguistics
      PC10 Theories of Knowledge
  II 3 PC11 American Literature
      PC12 Cultural Studies
    PC13 Gender Studies
     PC14 Modes of Fiction
    PC15 Texts and Performance
   4 PC16 Literature and the Empire
     PE01 Modern European Drama (Elective)
     PE04 Canadian Literature (Elective)
    PE06 Dalit Studies (Elective)
    PE09 Modern European Fiction (Elective)
        Dissertation and Viva-Voce