Master of Social Work (Eligibility) : 

Any Bachelor Degree from Mahatma Gandhi University or any other universities recognized by Mahatma Gandhi University with an aggregate of 50% or CGPA of 2.0 for Part I, Part II and Part III put together. For SC / ST candidates ,only passmarks required.

Year Semester No Paper Paper Title
I 1 1 History, Philosophy & fields of Social Work
     2 Sociology for Social Work
     3 Social Economics
    4 Human Growth and Development
     5 Work with Individuals
     6 Work with Communities
   2 1 Work with Groups
     2 Theory and Practice of Counselling
    3 Abnormal Psychology
      4 Social Work Research
      5 Statistics for Social Work
      6 Social Analysis & Strategies for social Change
  II   3 1 Administration of Human service organization
      2 Social Legislation
    3 Participatory Programme Planning and Management
     4 Geriatric Social Work
    5 Psychopathology and Social Work
    6 Social Work in the field of Health
     4 1 Social Psychology
     2 Development Communication
     3 Social Work in Education
    4 Health and Hospital information system
    5 Community Health Management in Social work
    6 Project work