BA Economics

B.A. ECONOMICS (Eligibility)
Year   Sem   SubjectPaperPaper Title
Core 1EC1BO1UMethodology of Social Sciences with Special Reference to Economics
  Compl 1EC1CO1USocial Formations in premodern India
 II Core 2EC2BO2UDevelopment & Environmental Economics
  Compl 2EC2CO2UTransition to the Modern World
III Core 3EC3B03UPrinciples of Micro Economics
  Core 4EC3B04UModern Banking
  Compl 3EC3C03UAn Introduction to Political Science
 IV Core 5EC4B05UMicro Economic Analysis
  Core 6EC4B06UPublic Economics
  Compl 4EC4C04UGovernmental Machinery and Process
Core 7EC5B07UQuantitative Techniques for Economic Analysis
  Core 8EC5B08UPrinciples of Macro Economics
  Core 9EC5B09UIndian Economy
  Open courseEC5B01UOpen Course – Foundations of Environmental Economics
  Core 10EC5B10UEconomics of Financial Markets
 VI Core 11EC6B11UQuantitative Economics
  Core 12EC6B12UMacro Economic Analysis
  Core 13EC6B13UDevelopment Issues of the Indian Economy
  Choice Based CourseEC6B14UMarketing Management
  Core 15EC6B15UInternational Economics

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