Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)

YearSemesterCourse CodeCourse Title
1IEN1CC001Common Course English-I
  MM1CAMT1Mathematics -I(Complementary)
  ST1CAMT1Basic Statistics (Complementary)
  CA1CRT01Introduction to Computers
  CA1CRT02/Methodology of Programming and programming in C
  CA1CRP01Software Lab – I  [Using C]
 II EN2CC002Common Course English-II
  MM2CAMT2Discrete Mathematics -II(Complementary)
  CA2CRT03Principles of Management and Accounting
  CA2CRT04 Data Structures
  CA2CRT05Fundamentals of Digital Systems
  CA2CRP02Software Lab–II [DS using C]
2IIIST3CAMT2Advanced Statistical   Methods (Complementary)
  CA3CRT06Design and Analysis of Algorithms
  CA3CRT07Computer Organization and Architecture.
  CA3CRT08Computer Graphics
  CA3CRT09Object Oriented Programming in C++
  CA3CRP03Software Lab–III[Using C++]
 IVMM4CAMT3Operational Research (Complementary)
  CA4CRT10Microprocessor and PC Hardware
  CA4CRT11System Analysis and Design
  CA4CRT12Database Management Systems
  CA4CRT13Web Technology
  CA4CRP04Software Lab–IV[SQL AND  PHP]
3VCA5CRT14Operating systems
  CA5CRT15Programming in Java
  CA5CRT16Information Technology, Environmental studies and Human Rights
  CA5OPT01Open Course: Internet, Web Designing And Cyber Laws
  CA5CRP05Software Lab – V[Using JAVA]
  CA5CPR01 Mini Project
 (Software Development Lab – I)
 VICA6CRT17Linux operating system
  CA6CRT18Computer Networks
  CA6CBT01/02/03(Choice Based Course)
 System Software/Data Mining/Client Server Computing
  CA6CPR02Main Project (Software Development
  Lab II)


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