BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) 
YearSemester NoPaper NoPaper Title
I1101English (Paper I)
   102Business Accounting
   103Business Statistics I
  104BusinessMathematics 1
   105Principles of Management
  2201English (Paper II)
   202Cost & Management Accounting
  203Business Mathematics II
    204Business Statistics II
    205Business Economics
  II  3301Business Communication
    302Financial Management
  303Marketing Management
   304Introduction to Office Automation
  305Social Project
    4401Business Law
   402Human Resource Management
   403Marketing Research
  404Company Accounts
  405Social Project
  III  5501Corporate Laws
  503Organisation Structure & Dynamics
   504Industrial Relations
  505Management Project
    6601Labour Law
   603Optional I
  604Optional II
  605Management project & Viva

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