Bhoo Mithra Sena Club

Inauguration on 8/08/2018

Bhoomithra Sena Club was inaugurated by Dr.Manoj CN, Managing Director, Pelican Foundation (NGO), on 08/08/2018.

Participatory Research Appraisal -‘waste management’ on 08/08/2018

The Bhoomitra Sena Club of Assumption College in association with the department of Chemistry conducted a participatory research appraisal -‘waste management’ on 08/08/2018 by Dr.Manoj CN, Managing Director, Pelican Foundation (NGO). The day and the program evoked a thought of “serving the nature” in each and every student present there.

Extension activity on 20/09/2018

The Extension Program at Venmoni was held on 17th September 2018. The program was led by Dr.C. N Manoj, Managing Director, Pelican Foundation (NGO) assisted by Dr.Shoniya Thomas and Dr.Nayana Joseph. At Venmoni the students were asked to test the quality of water using Colorimeter. The colour changes showed the level of presence of E.coli bacteria. Water with presence of high E.coli bacteria was chlorinated. The people in the village were also given awareness class about infectious diseases.


Ozone day Celebration 2018 on 25/09/2018

Ozone Day 2018, the international day for the preservation of the ozone layer, sponsored by Department of Environment and Climate Change celebrated on 25th September 2018.  Dr. E V Ramaswamy, Director, School of Environmental Sciences, Mahatma Gandhi University inaugurated the celebration and delivered a talk on “Keep Cool and Carry on”, the theme of the year. He discussed the environmental aspects of ozone layer protection and ozone depleting chemicals especially the role of microplastics. Elocution competition and essay competitions were also held in connection with the celebrations.

Zero waste campus campaignon 7/02/2019

Zero waste campus campaign’ organised by department of chemistry and Bhoomithra Sena Club on 7th February 2019.