Department of History

The Department of History was started in the College in 1990 with the starting of a UG course in History. Masters programme in History was started in 2001 . BA degree in Museology and Archaeology was initiated in 2005 with financial support from UGC. The Department has recognized as an approved Research Centre of the Mahatma Gandhi University (No. AC AVI/3668/RG/06 dated 29-05-2007). The Assumption Heritage Museum which was established in 2007 has attracted many regional, national and international visitors. UGC NET Coaching started on Nov 2013. PhD Course Work started on January 16th, 2014. 

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--> TOURISM MANAGEMENT: Nature and Scope of Tourism, Types of Tourism, Growth & Development of Modern Tourism, Impact of Tourism, Travel & Tourism- Industry and the Travel Professional, Air Faires & Ticketing etc.