Department of physics

The department of Physics started from the very inception of the Assumption College in 1950 with two batches in the intermediate section. In the years that followed, the department made vast strides in size, strength and vitality. By 1957 when the college was raised to the level of first Grade College, BSc Physics Programme was started with 21 students. During the early years, the Department had a team of eminent Professors and Lecturers who toiled relentlessly for the success and welfare of the students and the department.

In 1999 the department was raised as PG department with the introduction of MSc Physics with Computer Science specialization. In 2001 the specialization was changed to Electronics.  A major uplift of the Department took place in 2012 when the department was selected for DST-FIST programme.  Now there are 7 permanent and three guest teaching faculty in the department.  As the Department completes 59 successful years, we strive for quality education and high academic standards. We always aim at equipping students with skills to make them intellectually competent .

Faculty research interest spans a widerange in thinfilms and crystal growth, atmospheric science, material science and plasmonics.