College Crest & Motto


The College Crest is a lotus shaped shield with the inspiring Latin motto “Sursum Corda,” which means “Lift up your hearts.” The golden crown depicted at the top and the motto predispose the student to be ever intent upon the things above, “to seek the kingdom of God first,” so that they may eventually be worthy to be partakers of His glory. The whole emblem conveys the same idea that we are pilgrims on earth, sailing on the sea of life, canopied by dark heavy clouds, towards our heavenly shore.
But we are guided along on this heavenward journey by the Star of the Sea, our Blessed Mother and the most complete expression of what is truly feminine, whose bodily assumption into heaven is celebrated in the name of the institution.The journey is assisted by the Holy Spirit who is hovering above and by the Word of God symbolised by the open book. What the lighted torch signifies is that the learning one receives at the institution is not to be kept to oneself, but to be disseminated among the multitude whose lives are still darkened by ignorance.