College union & Arts Club

The College Union shall be called ‘THE ASSUMPTION COLLEGE UNION’. It is a union of the students of the College and shall function as a purely academic body.

Aims and Objectives

  • To develop the social consciousness of the members and to promote a healthy corporate life among them.
  • To discipline them in responsible freedom and self-government.
  • To develop their initiative, self-reliance and leadership.
  • To advance the course of learning through debates, discussions, lectures, competitions etc. designed to develop the critical faculties of the members.
  • To develop in the members a taste for the fine arts.

The union shall be subject to the rules and regulations in force in the College as well as those notified by the Principal from time to time. It shall not assume the right to speak or act on subjects falling within the responsibility of the Principal. It shall not engage itself in any manner in any political activity.


All the students of the College are ipso facto ordinary members of the College Union and all shall have the right to vote and contest at the elections of the College Union. All the members of the Teaching Staff of the College shall be  honorary members of the Union without the right for voting. The Principal shall be the Patron of the College Union. The Honorary Treasurer of the Union shall be the Vice-Principal.

College Union Executive 

Apart from the student representatives, the Executive of the College Union shall consist of the Principal ( Patron), Vice Principal (Honorary Treasurer), two Staff Advisors and the Arts Club Director. The election to the College Union will be done through electoral college consisting of elected representatives from each class.The members of the electoral college elect students from among themselves to the post of the Chairperson, General Secretary, Arts Club Secretary, Student Editor, two Councillors to the Mahatma Gandhi University Union and the Representatives of I, II, III Degree classes and I & II PG Classes.

The meetings of the Union executive shall be summoned by the Chairperson or Secretary with the sanction of the Patron and shall be presided over by the Patron or the Honorary Treasurer or in their absence by the Student Chairperson.

Whenever there is difference of opinion on any matter among the members of the Union Council, the matter shall be decided by putting it to vote. If there is tie in the voting, the decision shall be made by casting vote.
The Student Chairperson shall hold herself responsible for the maintenance of order, decorum and dignity at all gatherings of the College.

The Student Chairperson or the Secretary/s should not invite anybody from outside the College for any College function without the prior approval of the Principal.

College Union 2018-19:–

CHAIRPERSON                  :        Vinsa Saban

VICE CHAIRPERSON          :      Anisha A Nair

GENERAL SECRETARY      :      Sheena Mariam Mathew

ARTS CLUB SECRETARY   :      Gouthamy Raghunath

EDITOR                                  :      Briya Anna Thomas

COUNCILLORS                     :       Atheena Menon G & Siya Rose

2ND PG REP                          :       Leenumol Varghese

1ST PG REP                            :       Anitta Varghese

3RD DC REP                          :        Mareena Jose

2ND DC REP                          :      Keziah Ann John

1ST DC REP                           :      Aaysha Shajahan

SPORTS REP                          :      Gopika Narayanan