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The objective of the training is to orient the students to become holistically developed individuals to face the competitive world outside.


Participant profile –Final Year Students


The training will equip the students to go through job selection process with key skills on Communication, Attitude re-engineering, Grooming and etiquette, Resume preparation, Interview and GD .


Instructor based Interactive sessions – 20 hrs

Evaluation – 10 hours

Session Time : 3 pm – 5 pm

Batch Size

Number of students per batch : 30

Commercial Terms

Training Fees

Rs 1199/ per student .

Program Outline
Topics Objective Expected Outcome Duration Tasks
Introduction and overview to the programme Giving the students a holistic picture of the placement process and the journey forward. Students understand what to expect after college. 1 hour of instructor led interaction 1
Why Should I Select You? – Understanding Expectations
What can you do?

What does the industry expect?

Giving students a market orientation. Students learn the importance of presenting oneself in a professional manner. 2 hours of instructor led interaction 1
What is in it for me?

What can students expect?

Do You Want To Be Successful? – Understanding The Placement Process
 What are the steps? The placement process is a detailed and exhaustive process and preparation is key to success. These sessions aim at ensuring that students understand what skills are required. Students become aware of the various steps involved in the process and the various soft- and hard-skills required to perform well. 2 hours of instructor led interaction 1
 What are the skills required to succeed?
Changes in the selection process after the pandemic. Students become aware of the changes to be made to handle online interviews.
Preparing For Success – Developing Employability Quotient for the 21st Century Workplace
 Putting your best foot forward Self-confidence and self-esteem are the cornerstones of success. These sessions focus on helping students present themselves better. 2 hours of instructor led interaction 2
 Putting your point across Communication is the most important skill. These sessions focus on helping students present themselves better. Students will lean a 3 step protocol to make their communication more effective 4 hours of instructor led interaction 4
What you say Students will know how to present themselves better whether the communication is face-to- face, or on video, or over the phone.
How you say it The students will be able to avoid commonly made mistakes by following proper business etiquette.
How you interact Enable students learn the importance of teamwork at the workplace Students learn ways to integrate themselves quicker and better in a group.
What is your plan? Enable students to plan their future by setting achievable goals Students become aware of the need for clear-cut goals and ways to ensure that goals are met.


2 hours of instructor led interaction 1
 Can you lead? With rapid changes in the world of business, there is a greater need for persons who can work well under pressure with little or no supervision.

To lead others, one must lead oneself first.

This session aims at enabling the students to adapt to changes in the VUCA World.

Students will be willing to take initiative and accept responsibility for their actions.

Students will be aware of the need for continuous learning and refining knowledge.

2 hours of instructor led interaction 2
How adaptable are you?
Brand ‘You’ – Putting Your Best Foot Forward
Effective Personal Presentation Show students the importance of personal branding in order to stand out in a crowd. The students will know how to groom one’s persona and personality. 5 hours of instructor led interaction 4
 Group Discussion To enable students to be aware of what employers seek and to understand the evaluation parameters


Students become aware of the following:

·  How to present oneself in a professional manner

·  Presenting oneself in favourable light

·  Taking initiative

·  Displaying qualities that the employers look for

·  The impact of tone, gestures and postures on the message

Interview Skills