Film and Theatre Club

The Film and Theatre Club of Assumption College had a vibrant and fulfilling year as the students of the college enthusiastically took part in the various activities. The club serves as a platform to explore the theatrical skills of the students. Classic movies from across the globe were screened at the language lab of the college to familiarise the multifaceted aspects of movie making. Thus the club aims to enhance the histrionic aptitude of the students by broadening their knowledge in drama, cinema and film criticism. Several departments and the students’ union of the college came up with flash mobs to commemorate important days of importance and to promote the respective departmental events and fests.

Annual Report 2018-19

 The Department of English demands special mention with the staging of two plays for the entire student community of the college. On 12th Oct 2018, the final year degree students of BA English Language and Literature staged a play based on the noted British novelist Graham Greene’s celebrated novella The Tenth Man. The play was a huge success as the entire first year degree students of the Aided Stream of the college watched the stellar performance of their seniors.

On 6th Feb 2019, the cast and crew of the campus movie June visited our college as part of their promotion campaign under the auspices of the College Union Dhruva. The event had a huge participation from the student community as it was an opportunity to interact with the junior artists of the reel world.

On 15th March 2019, the first year degree students of BA English Language and Literature staged a play based on the noted Norwegian playwright’s world renowned play A Doll’s House. The play was a part of the first year common course curriculum and it helped the students immensely when the setting and characterisation were recreated with flair and finesse.