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The Department of History is a recognized Research Centre of Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam. The University has also granted permission to conduct Course Work for Ph.D. scholars who have registered from 2011 onwards. The Course Work started from 16 January 2014. The department promotes collaborative researches with national and regional historical research institutes like Indian Council for Historical Research (ICHR), Kerala Council for Historical Research (KCHR)etc. The research guides of the Department occasionally visit the Institute and consult and exchange their views and ideas and vice versa. Not only the teachers of the department but also teachers from other colleges affiliated to the MG University serve as Research Guides in this Centre. Presently, 20 Research Scholars are pursuing their Research under 9 Research Guides at the Centre. Till now 3 of our Research Scholars are awarded Doctoral Degree by the University.

Our center follows a strict code of ethics and rules of M G University in research. Genuine software to detect and avoid plagiarism is already in use in the University Library. Before submission of PhD thesis for plagiarism check in the library research scholars are requested to do the same using free software in our center.



Sl NoNameDesignation
1Dr Anitha Jose


Principal, Assumption College, Chanaganasserry

2 Dr. G. Gopikrishnan

External Expert

HOD and Research Guide, Assistant Professor

3Dr.Poulami Aich Mukherjee


Director, Research Centre, Research Guide

Assistant Professor, Assumption College, Chanaganasserry

4Dr.Loona C


Assistant Professor and Research Guide, Assumption College, Chanaganasserry

The following are the details of the Research Guides and the Research Scholars who are pursuing research under them:


Sl NoName of Research GuidesOfficial Designation of Research GuideDate of retirementImage
1Dr Sr Rosamma Mathew (Retd.)


(Dr Sr Suma Rose)

 Former Principal & HOD, Dept of History, Assumption College, Changanacherry31.03.2013Sr Suma Rose
2Dr SheelaIrin Jayanthi J (Retd.) Former HOD & Associate Professor, Dept of History, Assumption College, Changanacherry31.05.2015Sheela Irine Jayanthi
3Dr E B Suresh KumarHOD & Associate Professor, Dept of History, NSS Hindu College, Changanassery31.05.2019E-B-Suresh-Kumar_
4Dr Rosamma MathewHOD & Associate Professor, Dept of History, K E College, Mannanam31.05.2019rosamma
5Rev Dr James JohnHOD & Associate Professor, Dept of History, St Thomas College, Pala31.05.2024fr james john
6Dr P S PradeepHOD & Associate Professor, Dept of History, Catholicate College, Pathanamthitta31.05.2024Dr.PS PRATHEEP
7Dr Poulami Aich MukherjeeAssistant Professor, Dept of History, Assumption College, Changanacherry31.05.2040MS Poulami
8Fr.Dr.Thomson RobiAssistant Professor in History, Baselius College, Kottayam31.03.2029
9Dr Loona CAssistant Professor, Dept of History, Assumption College, Changanacherry31.05.2035
10Dr.Beena PaulAssociate Professor, Post-Graduate Department of History, Henry Baker’s College, Melukavu31-5-2026
11Dr. Binumol AbrahamHoD & Assistant Professor, Dept of History, Assumption College, Changanacherry05/05/2032
12Dr. Sumi Mary ThomasHoD & Assistant Professor, Department of History ,CMS College, Kottayam31/03/2035


Sl NoName of the AwardeeName of the SupervisorYearImage
1Dr Smitha Sara PadiyaraDr Sheela Irin Jayanthi J2015SMITHA
2Dr Ginu GeorgeDr Sr Rosamma Mathew


(Dr Sr Suma Rose)

3Dr Kamakshy VDr Sheela Irin Jayanthi J2019Ms.Kamakshi


Sl NoName of PhD ScholarsName of the SupervisorYear of AdmissionImage
1Tintu SkariaDr P S Pradeep2014 tintu scaria
2Aneesh SDr Rosamma Mathew2014 Aneesh
3Siby ThomasDr E B Suresh Kumar2014 sibi
4Ansu RDr P S Pradeep2014 ansu r
5Sini M MathewDr Sheela Irin Jayanthi J2014 sini
6Dhanya A NairDr E B Suresh Kumar2015 dhanya
7Unnikrishna Pillai RDr E B Suresh Kumar2015arun
8Chinchu JoseDr Rosamma Mathew2017Chinchu
9Moideen CDr Rosamma Mathew2017moideen c (1)
10Agney G KDr P S Pradeep2018Agney
11Arun RohiniDr P S Pradeep2018Arun
12Juby JohnDr Rosamma Mathew2018 juby
13Mary Antonyo K JDr Rosamma Mathew2018MARY ANTONY K J
14Sunil Kumar PMDr E B Suresh Kumar2018Sunil Kumar P M
15K M Vishnu NamboothiriDr E B Suresh Kumar2018k m vishnu namboodiri
16Sujamol JosephDr James John2018Sujamol
17Helena Treesa MathewDr James John2019
18Lakshmi S NairDr Poulami Aich Mukherjee2019
19Radhika LalDr Poulami Aich Mukherjee2019
20Sunitha SanthanDr Poulami Aich Mukherjee2019
21Dona V JosephDr P S Pradeep2020
22Devootty SomanDr P S Pradeep2020
23Krishnadas ChinnappanFr.Dr.Thomson Robi2020
24Anita MathewFr.Dr.Thomson Robi2020
25Rajeswary PeethambaranFr.Dr.Thomson Robi2020
26Suja VargheseDr Loona C2020
27Jyolsna Elzabeth GeorgeDr Loona C2020
28Parvathy M.S.Dr Loona C2020
29Roshna RoyDr Loona C2020

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