M.A. HISTORY (Eligibility)

Year  Semester No Paper Paper Title
I 1 1 Approaches to History
     2 Transition from Pre-state to state societies in Indian History
     3 Social formations in Kerala till the end of the Perumal Rule
    4 Revenue Administration in India from c. A.D. 1000 to 1800
     5 History of Social Revolutions in the World
   2 6 History of Social Institutions and Structures of Early India
     7 Social Formations of Kerala c. A.D. 1200- 1800
    8 Agriculture, Crafts, Production and Exchange in India from c. A.D. 1000 to 1800
      9 Perspectives of Women’s History and the History of Gender in India
      10 Making of the Indian Nation: Historical and Antecedents
  II   3 11 History and Social Theory
      12 History of Revolts and Protest Movements in colonial Kerala
    13 State and Society in India c. A.D. 1000-1800
     14 Methods or Techniques of Research
    15 Knowledge Systems in Pre- Modern India
     4 16 Ancient Society OR Ancient Civilizations of West Asia
     17 India : The making of India OR Economic History of Modern India OR History of Democratic Institutions and Movements in England.
     18 Rise of Modern China OR Rise of Modern Japan
    19 History of the Capitalist World Trade OR Diplomatic History of USA
    20 Contemporary India : Society and Economy
    21 Dissertation
    22 Viva Voce

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