M.Sc. COMPUTER SCIENCE (Eligibility)
Year Semester No Paper Paper Title
I 1 MCS 1C1 Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science
     MCS 1C2 Advanced Computer Systems and Internet Programming
     MCS 1C3 Digital Circuits Fundamentals And computer Organisation
    MCS 1C4 Object Oriented Programming with C++
     MCS 1P5 Lab 1(C++ & Internet Programming)
   2 MCS 2C1 Data and File Structures
     MCS 2C2 Computer Networks
    MCS 2C3 Operating Systems And Systems Programming
      MCS 2C4 Computer Graphics and Digital Image Processing
      MCS 2P5 Lab 2 (DFS & Graphics)
  II   3 MCS 3C1 Database Management Systems
      MCS 3C2 Java Programming
    MCS 3C3 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
     MCS 3C4 Software Engineering
    MCS 3P5 Lab 3 (Java & DBMS)
     4 MCS4C1 Data Mining
     MCS 4EA* Elective 1
     MCS 4EB* Elective 2