Social Work

History at a glance

The Department of Social Work was established in the year 2004. The department was one of the professional departments of Assumption College which give equal importance to theory and practicum. Medical and Psychiatry and Community Development are the two specializations offered by us.

Social Work is a practice based profession and discipline that promotes social change and development. Today, Social work is an incredibly broad and diverse field; it offers an almost limitless range of career options. Social workers work in a variety of settings, including hospitals, non-profit organizations, mental health and counselling centres, schools, advocacy agencies, community organizations, corporate companies and government offices.


Vision : Be a launching pad for socially committed & proactive Social Workers anchored in values of life.

Mission : Create a learning environment that moulds internationally competent Social Workers


  1. To acquire theoretical foundation of Social Work Profession.
  2. To develop skills in professional response to the upcoming/emerging social issues.
  3. To provide knowledge and skill in research and statistics for social work practice.
  4. To introduce the concept of psychology (developmental, social, clinical).
  5. To gain an in-depth knowledge in theoretical and therapeutic approaches in counseling.
  6. To acquire a basic understanding of the Indian Legal system and functioning.
  7. To learn the skills of using legal procedures to defend the Human Rights of the various marginalized groups.
  8. To acquire knowledge and skill in intervening with various fields of social work practice.
  9. To get acquainted with the administrative practices in Human Service Organisation and practical experience on Project Preparation.
  10. To familiarise with various models of contemporary social entrepreneurship.