Assumption Heritage Museum was set up in 2008. It is a praiseworthy achievement of the department. It was established as a part of the BA Museology and Archaeology course. It houses exhibits and antiques relating to a very remote past of our country in chronological sequence. It highlights the important landmarks in the socio-political, religious and cultural history of Kerala, India and World at large.Dr.Sr. Suma Rose and Dr.SheelaIrinJayanthi . J visited National Museum, New Delhi and based on the information collected and some other major Museums, the Heritage Museum was set up. All the faculty members of the Department of History rendered commendable work in developing the Assumption Heritage Museum. The modification of the Museum was done in 2013.

On all Wednesdays the museum is kept open for the students of the college. The students of different departments gather valuable information on Indian history, culture and heritage from their visit to the museum. Eminent archaeologists, museum designers, historians and academicians also visited the museum from time to time and gave their valuable suggestions. Tourists from different parts of the world and students from neighbouring schools and from other states also visited the museum. This gives them a more clear idea about history from ancient to modern.


  1. Model-India gate
  2. Life size Model – Homo Sapiens
  3. Life size Model – Homo Erectus
  4. Life size Model – Home Habilis
  5. Life size Model – Australopithecus
  6. Life size Model – Ardipithecus.
  7. Image – group of ancient people firing the paddy land.
  8. Golden Statue of Pharaoh
  9. Three Chisels
  10. Five Celts
  11. Papyrus- Crowning Ceremony of Queen Nefertari
  12. Mini Tableaux- Ancient Egypt.
  13. Replica of Priest head- Plaster of Paris.
  14. Wooden Gramaphone
  15. Holly Quran- Book
  16. Wooden Ashoka Pillar
  17. Standing Buddha Statue- Red Colour
  18. Sitting Marble Buddha Statue
  19. Padachitra Manuscript
  20. Clay pan
  21. Eight palm leaf manuscripts
  22. Painting- Chinese
  23. Photo- Mother Marry
  24. Chinese Jar
  25. Wooden Hanging Container
  26. Wooden hanging container with Lid
  27. Kindivilakku ( Hanging water container)
  28. Vattavilakk( Hanging Oil Lamp)
  29. Transparent Glass container
  30. Transparent Glass container with wooden lid
  31. Transparent Dark Green Container with wooden lid
  32. Transparent Dark Green Container
  33. Transparent light Green Container
  34. Pot shaped clay container with wooden lid
  35. Pot shaped clay container with wooden lid and light brown bottom.
  36. Clay Wine Jar without lid (Small)
  37. Wooden Charka
  38. Hanging Glass Lamp (Purple)
  39. Hanging glass Lamp ( Dark Blue) small size
  40. Hanging Ranthalwith transparent glass shade
  41. Hanging glass lamp blue colour big size
  42. Four ceramic containers of two and half litres (Chodana)
  43. Ceramic container of one and half Litres ( Chodana)
  44. Book- Tribes of Orissa
  45. One pair of Aluminium Necklace
  46. Necklace with black colour sticky beads
  47. Cream Colour neck chain with brown colour minute designs
  48. Metal neck Chain with circular beads
  49. One pair of circular shaped thin metal earrings in chocolate colour
  50. Diamond/ eye/ leaf/ petal shaped metal ring
  51. Umbrella shaped metal hair pin- golden
  52. Broken golden metal Hair pin
  53. Cream colour thread roll- small size
  54. Multi coloured thread roll( green + orange)
  55. Skin colour thread bunch – big size
  56. Textile- shawl- Cream with brown colour designs
  57. Bamboo Stick
  58. Bamboo Cap
  59. Oval Bamboo basket- big size
  60. Money Wallet- Cloth – black and red
  61. Wooden wall hanging- Map of Mizoram
  62. Bamboo basket with a hole at the top middle- small size
  63. Standing basket with extension- fully covered- small size
  64. Basket small size- with alternative spaces- small size
  65. Bamboo pan for segregating grains- small size- (Muram)
  66. Conical shaped back carriage basket of Bamboo- Small size
  67. Rain shield – bamboo- small size
  68. Bag shaped back carriage basket- small size
  69. Bamboo Basket small size
  70. Multicolour heavy cotton textile- dark red, dark green, magenta, blue, yellow and black.
  71. One pair of Bamboo earring
  72. Steel earing- one pair
  73. Fibre Plate
  74. One pair Feather Earing- Brown colour with white and black dotes
  75. One pair Multi-coloured feather earrings
  76. Circular pan- Bamboo and palm leaf
  77. Basket’s extension- Bamboo strips
  78. Conical shaped basket- bamboo
  79. Conical shaped cap- bamboo
  80. Rain shield – bigger size- bamboo- Palm leaf
  81. Wooden necklace with metal locket
  82. Cubical shaped neck chain with ream and bamboo
  83. Star neck chain of bamboo with locket
  84. Star neck chain- bamboo
  85. Wooden Tree house- Miniature Model
  86. Composite bow, sword and parija
  87. Adorned Multi-coloured sword and parija
  88. Wooden box with miniature tools and instruments
  89. Textile- Maroon shawl with floral designs
  90. Rough Woollen Textile- multi-coloured check design
  91. Soft Woollen Textile – Multi Coloured- Check design
  92. Woollen Textile- Multi-coloured- black, white, lemon yellow, maroon
  93. Golden Maroon shawl with rose flower design.
  94. Head gear polished- half size design
  95. Round basket- ream
  96. Handan- Multi-coloured
  97. Krishna Statue
  98. Dancing Lady statue doll
  99. Sword shaped bottle
  100. Aluminium Spoon
  101. Neck Chain with wooden beads and arrow head shaped wooden locket
  102. Wooden Neck chain with bat shaped beads.
  103. Coir shaped red neck chain with small red beads.
  104. Plastic bangle with brown colour textile wrapping.
  105. Wooden and bone necklace
  106. Three layered wooden necklace with cream colour design on the beads
  107. Steel Necklace/ Neck chain with eight nut shaped big beads
  108. Plastic neck chain with fine sky blue colour thread endings
  109. Woollen textile (Black and white) with multicolour Pallu.
  110. Woollen hand bank- Green colour
  111. Knitted woollen shawl in black and cream with some use of maroon thread at the end.
  112. Zebra design Textile- Pink maroon and black with heavy designed boarder.
  113. Bhasmapetti (Ash Container)
  114. Steel spoon- medium size
  115. Wooden spoon- Knife Design
  116. Steel Kilukkumani (Steel Bell)
  117. OsthiAchu
  118. Wooden Candle Stand
  119. Dhoopakutti
  120. Wooden Kilukkam(Bell) for religious practice
  121. Bronze Container with handle
  122. ElectricOsthi maker
  123. Karaappu
  124. Oval shaped Steel tray with spectacle type holding on the top
  125. Bottles for Keeping wine and holly water
  126. Osthicheppu- Steel
  127. Wooden Bell
  128. Wooden Stand for keeping holly water and wine
  129. Christian Religious Jacket and related articles- Black and Green
  130. Christian Religious Jacket and related articles- Red and yellow
  131. Urara- Lavender colour
  132. Religious Article- Book shaped- holly cross, bird, grapes, wine glass etc.
  133. Religious Article- Book shaped- Cross at the centre- yellow and light red
  134. Religious Article- Book shaped- Cross at the centre- Yellow and red
  135. Religious Article- Book shaped- Embroidery and sequence work- Religious wine glass at the centre.
  136. Osthi Cutter
  137. Ceramic Toddy Jar- Big size
  138. Ceramic Toddy Jar with wooden lid- Small size.
  139. Trophy- Sr. Mary Kaithamattom
  140. CeramicCheenabharani- Medium size
  141. Ceramic CheenaBharani with handles- Small
  142. Wooden Thooni/ Container
  143. Wooden Nelladi
  144. Wooden Kori
  145. Wooden Peasant statue
  146. Wooden Vithedi
  147. Wooden Para (Container).
  148. Five Bronze Glasses
  149. Copper Coffee Jug
  150. Bronze plate- Round- handles
  151. Bronze Water container with handle at the top of the lid
  152. Transparent Butter Milk serving jug- Glass and steel.
  153. Wooden Chatti (Thadichatti)
  154. Wooden Curry holder- three bowled
  155. Bronze- Golden colour Bell
  156. Bronze Tea Jug
  157. Wooden Curry Bowl
  158. Wooden pot shaped container with lid and nob- big size
  159. Wooden pot shaped container with lid
  160. Water Holder- Kindi- Big size
  161. Water Holder- Kindi- medium
  162. Water Holder- Kindi- Small
  163. MannennaVilakku (Bronze Lamp)
  164. Bronze Candle stand- five branched
  165. Wooden container with Blender
  166. Ceramic container- white and yellow- Small size
  167. Two Ceramic Jars for Ayurvedic Practises
  168. Rectangle Wooden Box for keeping Documents
  169. Ceramic Container with handle- Big- White and Yellow
  170. Stone Vessel (Kalchatti)
  171. Stone Salt Container with Wooden Lid
  172. Ream Basket
  173. Two Wooden Ladles
  174. Wooden Container looks like Uppumaruvi
  175. Bronze Container with Long handle (Vaaluruli)
  176. Wooden Spoon stand with wooden Ladle
  177. Four Wooden pans- Adachootti
  178. Bronze thookkupaathram
  179. Beetle Box
  180. Puttukudam
  181. Pakkuvetti- Bronxe
  182. Thudam- Ladle
  183. Metal Nazhi- Measure
  184. Iron- Idangazhi
  185. Wooden Changazhi- Small
  186. Wooden Changazhi- Big
  187. Arappara- Wood-
  188. Para- Iron
  189. Para- Wood
  190. Cheenavala- Small
  191. Cheenavala- Big one
  192. Chimmini lamp with Transparent glass
  193. Petro max- Green
  194. Weight with handle- E.I.F & 7.1.b
  195. Weight- Looks like Bell- Big size
  196. Iron Measure- 2CWT
  197. Iron Measure- four layered
  198. Stone Weight- Rain drop shaped with handle
  199. Iron Weight- Six Layered
  200. Weight- Bell shaped- Small
  201. Wooden Coin Box
  202. Para with religious depictions
  203. Shikharavilakku- Lamp with three branches
  204. Wooden Naazhi- Big size
  205. Wooden Naazhi- small size
  206. Metal Container with four legs- Marakkallu
  207. Terracotta Tile- OOdu
  208. Wooden Panel with deities
  209. Stone panel with Naga figure
  210. Kalikkallu
  211. Clay Artefact- Light Lavender colour on the top
  212. Wooden Mask
  213. Bust size human sculpture- Black
  214. Beaded wooden Dhand
  215. Wooden Giraffe statue.
  216. Flag
  217. Wooden Female statue holding basket on head
  218. Clay ink bottle with wooden pen
  219. Lady carrying baby at her back- statue
  220. Wooden Container- miniature size
  221. Wooden human figure with multicolour bead ornaments
  222. Copper lampshade
  223. Bronze Owl statue
  224. Clay Ink bottle
  225. Ceramic Pot with 5 holes- White and green
  226. Miniature model of honey container
  227. Wooden Statue- Tribal Men playing flute
  228. Painting- Dance Performance
  229. Painting- Hunting – African Painting
  230. Painting- Agriculture- Four men moving through the land
  231. Painting- Ladies granting with traditional wheel and mortar
  232. Painting- Men and women
  233. Painting- Village Women
  234. Painting- Market System
  235. Painting- Village Scenario
  236. Postal Card- Three Children
  237. Postal Card- Ladies Cooking food
  238. Postal Card- NDEBELE
  239. Postal Card- Palace, kid and tiger
  240. Metal Bell
  241. Hunting tools miniature model- Black and cream
  242. Fruit shell container
  243. Ranthal- black and yellow
  244. Fruit shell- nest shaped
  245. Ostrich shell with paintings
  246. Ostrich Shell – plain
  247. Ostrich Miniature model
  248. Strew hanging- cap shaped
  249. Bird miniature model-White
  250. Bird miniature model- cream colour
  251. Two Bird figures- brown colour
  252. Bird figure- black
  253. Wooden Necklace With rounded beads
  254. Two wooden hand chains
  255. Wooden Earrings- One Pair
  256. Wooden Necklace With rounded and cylindrical shaped beads- Big Size
  257. Earring- Black, maroon and orange- Lady figures
  258. Textile- Orange, red and white
  259. Textile- Green- with Geometric designs
  260. Textile-White
  261. Two Wall hangings
  262. Wooden Clock/ Grandfather clock
  263. Blank Papyrus sheet
  264. Metal Bust sized Miniature sculpture
  265. Document with Transparent cylindrical box- The unanimous declaration of the thirteen unites states of America.
  266. Fish- Sculpture
  267. Malaysia- Miniature Model
  268. Wooden Saga Model
  269. Two White Aquatic specimens- Pavizhaputtu
  270. Parasurama- Sculpture
  271. Theevetti
  272. Manichithrathazhu
  273. Container- Duck
  274. Two sculptures of Horse
  275. Koothambalam- Model
  276. Rajaravivarma Painting
  277. Theyyakolangal
  278. Clay jar- Big sized
  279. Machine- Billing/ Printing
  280. Models- Umbrella stone
  281. Model- Dolmens
  282. Model- Capstone
  283. Model- Rock Cut Chamber
  284. Remains- 24 pieces of Nannangadi
  285. Wooden Water Wheel
  286. Sample- Tissue repair
  287. Lava Burst Pieces- 42 pieces
  288. Packet soils, shell and one another Specimen- One packet
  289. Forty Sea shells
  290. Snake boat- replica
  291. House Boat- replica
  292. Wooden Ganapathi- PanchamukanGanapathy
  293. AnandaShayana- Plaster of Paris
  294. Dragon Boat With Human figures- wood
  295. Kadhakali Mask
  296. Soda Bottle- Light green colour
  297. Barrel- Coconut and coir
  298. Aushadhakootpaathram- Cream Colour
  299. Swarnacheppu/ Gold ornament’s box- rectangular
  300. Clock
  301. Amaadapetti- Wooden- House shaped
  302. Nettoor- Pot Shaped- Maroon
  303. Magic Lamp
  304. LatherPouch
  305. Compos
  306. Two Bird’s nest.
  307. Container with Did- Pencil colour – medium size
  308. Container with Did- Pencil colour- Big size
  309. Container – Pencil colour
  310. Big American flag
  311. Six flags- Small size
  312. Gandhi Sculpture- Silver colour’
  313. Model- Declaration of Indian Independence
  314. Model- JallianWalaBagh
  315. Saranath Pillar- Golden Colour
  316. Model- Quit India model
  317. Model- Salt Sathyagraha
  318. Moden India Panel- Photo Panel
  319. Bronze – Nataraja Sculptures
  320. Two coins of Belgique
  321. One coin of Nether Land
  322. Seven Coins of Oman
  323. Five coins of Spain
  324. Six Indonesia Coins
  325. One Cuba Coins
  326. Eight Kuwait Coins
  327. One Iugoslavija Coin
  328. Ten Poland Coins
  329. Six Canada Coins
  330. One Kenya Coin
  331. One Korean Coin
  332. Two Hong Kong
  333. Three Liban coin
  334. One Qatar Coin
  335. Two Singapore Coin
  336. One Bosnia
  337. Nineteen Sreelankan Coins
  338. Twenty Two Germany coins
  339. Nine France coins
  340. Ten England coins
  341. Five Italy coins
  342. Nineteen Malaysia Coins
  343. Sixteen Euro coins
  344. Twenty South African Coins
  345. Ten Saudi Arabian coins
  346. Thirty six UAE coins
  347. Fifty two USA Coins
  348. Seven Bahrain Coins
  349. Forty nine Indian Coins
  350. Three Nepal Coins
  351. Durga Temple
  352. Twenty Old Indian Coins- Rose Cover
  353. Six – PMC
  354. Forty four ten paise coins
  355. Five – Five paiseAlumin Coins
  356. Five- five paise coins – Stell / Metal Mix
  357. Sixteen One Paise Coins
  358. One twenty five Paise coin
  359. Three ten paise coins
  360. Eight ten Paisecoins
  361. Three dark colour coins- old bigger size
  362. One twenty paise coins- Aluminium
  363. Three Flower shaped Coins
  364. Five Postal cards
  365. Plastic Money- forty coins
  366. Seven play money book let
  367. USA- One Dollar- Currency
  368. Oman- 100 Paisa- real money- Currency
  369. UAE – 5 – Dirhams- Currency
  370. Qatar- One riyal- Currency
  371. Egypt- Five Piastres- Currency
  372. 20- Tjugo Kronor- Currency
  373. Twelve Postal Stamps of RepublikRomana
  374. Six Postal Stamps of Bangladesh
  375. One Postal Stamp of Polska
  376. One Postal Stamp of Republica Argentina
  377. Two Postal Stamps of Revenue Postage
  378. Three Postal Stamps of Iran
  379. One Postal Stamp of Tanzania
  380. One Postal Stamp of Turky
  381. Ten Postal Stamps of Republik Indonesia
  382. One Postal Stamp of Republica De Guinea Equatorial
  383. One Postal Stamp of Marlene Dietrich
  384. One Postal Stamp of Mangolia
  385. One Postal Stamp of Danmark
  386. Six Christmas Stamps
  387. Five Postal Stamps of Republik of Francaise
  388. Ten Postal Stamps of U. S.A
  389. Seventeen Postal Stamps of Australia
  390. Two Postal Stamps of RepublikItaliana
  391. Two Postal Stamps of Helvetia
  392. Nine Postal Stamps of RepublikOsterreich
  393. Seven Postal Stamps of Magyar Posta
  394. Three Postal Stamps of Belgique
  395. One Postal Stamp of Congo
  396. One Postal Stamp of Nepal
  397. Seventeen Postal Stamps of Ceskoslovensko
  398. Two Postal Stamps of Uganda
  399. Five Postal Stamps of New Zealand
  400. Two Postal Stamps of Pakistan
  401. Ten Postal Stamps of Deutsche Bundespost
  402. Two Postal Stamps of Russia
  403. Twenty three Postal Stamps of Noyta CCCP
  404. Three Postal Stamps of Espana
  405. One Postal Stamp of Brazil
  406. One Postal Stamp of Germany
  1. Panel – Multicultural aspects of India
  2. Panel- Periodization of Indian History.
  3. Panel- Homo Sapiens
  4. Panel- Homo Erectus
  5. Panel- Home Habilis
  6. Panel- Australopithecus
  7. Panel- Ardipithecus.
  8. 2 Panels- Stone Ages in India,
  9. Panel- India at the time of stone age
  10. Panel- Cave dwellings
  11. Panel- Indus Civilization.
  12. Panel- Map- Prominent Civilisation.
  13. Panel- Mehergarh
  14. Panel- Pyramid of Khufu
  15. Panel- Miniature Animal Figures
  16. Panel- The priest King (Priest Head)
  17. Panel- weight and measures
  18. Panel- HarappanBurial from Rakhigkrhi
  19. Panel- Plan of city Indus civilization
  20. Panel- Bi- chrome base, c 3000 BC pottery
  21. Panel- Storage Jar, C. 2700-2000 BC- Mature Harappan Period
  22. Panel- Polished pillar base.
  23. Panels- Five Harappa script Characters- Dholavira.
  24. Panel- Excavated chess board from Harappan site
  25. Panel- Important finds from excavated harappan sites of South Asia- C.2700- 1600 BC
  26. Panel- Models of transportation, Harappa.
  27. Panel- Map- Ancient India- Showing ancient phases, names and historical sites.
  28. Panel- State Symbols of Janapada
  29. Panel- New Religions in India
  30. Panel- SanchiStupa
  31. Panel- The holly relics of Lord Buddha.
  32. Panel- Buddha (Later Gandhara School- 4th to 5th C AD)
  33. Panel- Map- India MauryanEmpire.
  34. Panel- Statue of Buddha, Gandhara Period, Second c AD, UP
  35. Panel- Chauri Bearer Mauryan Dynasty.
  36. Panel- Bull Capital, Rampoorva , Bihar
  37. Panel- Development of Indian Scripts general
  38. Panel- The tamilbrahmi script &AshokaBrahmi scripts
  39. Panel- Ashoka Edict, Orissa.
  40. Panel- Grandha Script.
  41. Panel- evelopment of Indian Scripts; Grandha, tamil, vattel
  42. Panel- Symbols of Local Tribal Coins
  43. Panel- Barter System
  44. Panel- Indian Coinage
  45. Panel- Coins of Independent states.
  46. Panel- Coins of Princely states of Rajputana
  47. Panel- Pre- Shatavahana and Shatavahana Coins
  48. Panel-Coins of Indian Princely states.
  49. Panel- Kushana Coins
  50. Panel – Gupta Coins
  51. Panel- Gupta Period
  52. Panel- Symbols of Panch Marked Coins
  53. Panel- Symbols of Copper Coins
  54. Panel – Father ChavaraKuriakose
  55. Panel- First churches founded by St, Thomas
  56. Panel- MarthomaSleeva
  57. Panel- NasraniDeepika
  58. Panel- PurathanaJainaKshethram, Puthanagadi, Wayanad
  59. Panel- Bakel Fort
  60. Panel- Jewish Synagogue
  61. Panel- EdakkalGuhaChithrangal
  62. Panel- Sculptures Collected from Various sites in Wayanad District
  63. Panel- Articles used by various tribes of Wayanad
  64. Panel- Rock cut Chamber
  65. Panel- Cap stone
  66. Panel- PaleolithicArtefacts
  67. Panel- Paleolithic tools
  68. Panel- Dolmens and cists
  69. Panel- Urns , Sarcoehagi and pits
  70. Panel- Umbrella stones
  71. Two panels of Kerala History related
  72. Panel- Brief History of Kerala
  73. Panel- Map- Chola Empire- 1100 AD
  74. Panel- Nataraja, Tanjavoor
  75. Panel- KaliyaKrishnaPanel- Flags of Nations
  76. Panel- India- World’s largest parliamentary
  77. Panel- Map- Cultural heritage of India
  78. Panel- Map-India in 1909
  79. Panel- Map- India in 1857
  80. Panel- Golden Temple
  81. Panel- TajMahal
  82. Panel- QutubMinar
  83. Panel-Muhammed- Bin- Tughluq- India in 1335
  84. Panel- Musician- Mughal Painting
  85. Panel- Delhi Sultanate
  86. Panel- Umamaheswara
  87. Panel- Lad khan temple
  88. Panel- Nataraja- Brihadeswara temple
  89. Panel- Soma Skantha
  90. Panel- DurgaKailasanatha Temple
  91. Panel- Where art meets faith- Mahabalipuram
  92. Panel- Bahubali- Sravanabelagola
  93. Panel- Brihadeswara temple
  94. Panel- Huntress Hoysala period & Musicians Hoysala period
  95. Panel- Map- India in 640 AD
  96. Panel- Vishnu, Stone Caring
  97. Panel- Gajendra Moksha
  98. Panel- Varaha
  99. Panel- Standing Buddha
  100. Panel- Ganga
  101. Panel- Dwarapala
  102. Panel- Railing Pillar
  103. Panel- Map- Gupta Empire- 4th c
  104. Panel- Statue of Kanishka
  105. Panel- Kushana Empire 150 AD
  106. Panel-MAP- India 200 BC- 300 AD
  107. Panel- Map- Ashoke’s Empire 250 BC
  108. Panel- Ellora
  109. Panel- Ajantha
  110. Panel- Map- India at the close of the 9th Century
  111. Panel- Vishnu on Shesha
  112. Panel- Odissi dance sculptures
  113. Panel- Palm leaf manuscript, Bihar-
  114. Panel- Vijayanagara, Hampi, Karnataka
  115. Panel- TrimoorthiElephanta Cave
  116. Panel- Vishnu, Pala Period
  117. Panel- Ganesha- Muktheswara Temple
  118. Panel- Statue of Labour
  119. Panel- Cathedral of St. Joseph and Philomena
  120. Panel- Lotus temple
  121. Panel- Basilica of Bom Jesus Church Goa
  122. Panel- Gate way of India
  123. Panel- Charminar
  124. Panel-Golgombaz
  125. Panel- India Gate
  126. Panel- Konark Sun temple
  127. Panel- Iron Pillar
  128. Panel- Khajuraho
  129. Panel- The Church of St. Francis of Assissi, Goa
  130. Panel- Sculptured Pillar- Gond Tribe
  131. Panel- Royal Chamber
  132. Panel- Quran Sultanate, DECCAN
  133. Panel- Dancing Krishna Bronze statue, Nepal
  134. Panel- Dancing Ganesha, Viswananda Temple