National  Cadet  Corps (NCC)

NCC is a National Organisation that is meant to develop character, comradeship, ideal of service and capacity for leadership. The training the cadets receive, is supposed to stimulate in them an interest in the defence of the country. In any case, it will be considered an additional qualification for Public Service. A cadet who leaves the institution must return her uniform to the NCC Office.

For NCC candidates, the bonus marks will be awarded on the basis of the NCC certificate signed by the Director and issued by the Directorate of NCC to the candidates who have secured at least 75% of attendance after having participated in the activities during the course of study immediately preceding the course for which admission is sought. Weightage marks given by the University for NCC Cadets are as follows:

                                         Activities                                                                      Grace Mark

i    10 Day Annual Training Camp/75% Parade Attendance                         1.2
ii   Certificate B                                                                                                             1.6
iii  Certificate C                                                                                                             2.0
iv  NIC/TSC/NSC/VSC/NCC Sports (National Level) / Adventure                  2.4
Camps (National Level) Centrally Organized Camps / Inter
Group Competition
v  RD Parade – Camp (National Level) / YEP                                                      2.8
(Youth Exchange Programme)

In-charge :  ms Taniya Brigit Mathew


The NCC cadets of Assumption college , Changanacherry to behalf of the 5(K ) Girls BN, changanacherry has celebrated the International Yoga Day on 21st June ,2018 from 9:30am to 11:00am at Pope John Paul II Indoor court. About 55 of our cadets participated in this event with enthusiasm. Senior cadets along with instructors has guided them by giving awareness and certain instructions about different yoga poses. We has taken the decision to include yoga in our daily routine. The event that has given made them feel better in their physical and mental state.