National  Service  Scheme  (NSS)

NSS is a part of the Youth Welfare Programme of the Government of India and its main objective is the development of the personality of students through community service.

  • The student, who volunteers to participate in a 7-day special camp (work camp) and a mini-camp as well as devotes 280 hours to community service within a period of two years in the course of study, gets a national merit certificate, signed by the Vice Chancellor and issued by the University.
  • NSS volunteers who have certificates are eligible for a grace mark of 10 for their University examination.

In-charge :  Sr Elizabeth Joseph &  Dr Shoniya Thomas


Activities 2018-19

Sl. No Date Duration of session in Hrs No. Volunteer s attended Nature and quantum of work
1 May 29-july 31 100hrs 93 Swachh Bharat Summer Internship – 100 hrs of swachhata-our 93 NSS volunteers became the part of this internship. Volunteers organized survey, Rallies, Dance performance, waste collection and segregation and impart awareness regarding the importance of sanitation and hygiene in personal life and families.
2 June 5 2hrs 100 Environmental Day Celebrations- Beat plastic pollution was the moto of 2018 Environment Day. As a part of this NSS volunteers of Assumption College, prepared posters to educate the students about the consequences of  plastic pollution in human life and exhibit in different parts of the college. A speech was delivered by Kumari Gayatri NS from 2nd DC botany. On behalf of this day we conducted a spectacular flash mob in the college campus and all the NSS volunteers wear the green badge in this day.
3 14 June 30 mnts 60 Blood Donation Day- Prepared posters on the need of Blood donation and exhibited it in various parts of campus.
4 19 June 3hrs 100  Reading Day- NSS volunteers collected around 100 books from students of various departments and it contributed to Alphonsa Balika Bhavan, Near Assumption College.
5 June 20 1hr 65 Drug Abuse Day- Prepared posters regarding the side effects of drug abuse in human’s life.
6 JUNE 21 1hr 80 International yoga day-  Atheena Menon from III DC Botany,  previous voluntary secretary led a class on the topic importance of yoga in daily life  and introduced some yoga steps and  all the volunteers practiced this for 30 minutes.
7 JUNE 25 3hrs 85 As part of Swatchh bharath internship intern conducted a rally to generate awareness about sanitation among the communty
8 JUNE 27 30mnts 93 Internship – NSS volunteers performed a flash mob in the Indoor Court on the theme of swatchhata.
9 August 6 30 mnts 65 Hiroshima Day- Exhibited posters
10 August 9 Nagasakki Day- Exhibited Posters
11 August 10 1hr 93 Intern conducted Plastic Waste Collection from the village
12 August15 2hrs 80 NSS Volunteers Actively Participated In Independence Day Celebrations In The College Campus, Collaborated With NCC Unit
13 August16 2hrs 95 Flood Relief Activities – NSS volunteers visited and contributed Rs. 3000 to the flood affected area at vettithuruthu, Chanaganachery, one among the adopted village our college.
14 August 20 6 hrs 100 Flood Relief Activities – NSS volunteers organized a dress collection drive and  Five flood relief camps were visited and distributed the collected dress for refugees .
15 August 27


7hrs 10 NSS volunteers who were safe from flood related problems were actively coordinated a one day cleaning at St Mary’s Nursery School, Kainady.
16 September 1


4hrs 95 NSS volunteers spend their time for Vegetable Garden preparation at college.
17 September 3 1 hr 225 I DC NSS volunteer’s selection was conducted.
18 September 5 1hr 100 Teachers Day Celebrations- NSS volunteers In collaboration with Union, celebrated teachers day attractively. On this day volunteers prepared and exhibited a collage in the notice board and distributed paper pens to all the teachers in Assumption family.
19 September 8 4hrs 165 Vegetable Garden Preparation
20 September 13-15 3days 60 NSS volunteers of our college in association with MSW students of SB and Assumption collage conducted a Post Flood Survey at Kuttanad and organized a group discussion with the flood affected people.
21 September 24 2hrs 100 NSS Day of this year was meaningfully celebrated by the NSS volunteers. They presented NSS motto and message in common notice board of college and each volunteer offered one extra lunch and distributed packed lunch to refugees of Flood Relief Camp at Townhall Changanacherry.
22 October 2 3hrs 125 Birth Centenary day of our Father of Nation , Mahatma Gandhiji, our college Principal, Rev. Sr. Cherukusumam CMC, Inaugurated the  Clean Campus Green Campus project  organized by Shuchithua Kerala Mission. After the official programme NSS volunteer took part in cleaning activities within the campus and Panchayath Road .
23 October 31 1 day Programme Officer Presentation on ‘Edutainment’ by Dr. Aju K Narayanan at Assembly Hall, MG University.

Meeting of programme officers and volunteer secretaries Discussion topics: 7 day camp, training programmes, PFMS, Film capus release etc.,

23 November 16-18 3 days 2 A three day leadership training programme of volunteer secretaries at BK College Amalagiri.

Leadership, personality development, NSS- objectives and possibilities etc., are the topics discussed.

24 November 19 3hours 2 Workshop on Zero Budget Natural Farming: New Challenges and Opportunities by Padma Shri Subhash Palekar organised by NSS unit and School of Biosciences MG University.

The annual 7-day NSS camp Sukrutham 2018 was conducted at Vettithuruthu, Changanacherry. Vettithuruthu is an adopted village of Assumption College Changanacherry. Main theme of special camp was flood related activities like toilet and house construction activities in the adopted village. Duration of the special camp was seven days, within this Clean village Green village activities were organized for Four days. Various talks, cleaning activities and other skill oriented trainings were also produced as the part of this scheme. Around 85 NSS volunteers participated in in this glorious event. Main activity of the NSS volunteers during 7 day camp was helping in house construction and toilet construction. Toilet constructed for the family of our student history department .Even though it was a strenuous activity, NSS volunteers were whole heartedly participated in the construction works.