Research Promotion Policy

The College has a Research Promotion Council which is a wing of the IQAC that is vested with the responsibility of planning and developing the research promotion activities of the College. The Council consists of a Coordinator and four nominated members. It is mandatory that all the members of the Council have PhD qualification and are active in research. The Coordinator should have minimum five years of teaching experience with atleast three publications in research journals. The Coordinator of the Research Promotion Council automatically becomes a member of the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of the College. The following are the specific responsibilities of the Council.

  1. Develop strategies for the promotion of a research culture among staff and students.
  2. Select the best researcher among the staff and students.
  3. Provide information regarding availability of research funds for the staff and students.
  4. Organise workshops and conferences relating to research methodology and innovative practices in research.
  5. Publish the research journal JET.
  6. To develop methods to prevent plagiarism and to ensure the good practices in research.
  7. Maintain the Research Promotion Council website and notice board.
  8. To bring to the attention of the Management the outstanding researchers with research awards and honour them.

The Research Promotion Council should ensure ways and means to prevent plagiarism among researchers. Though the Research Centre of the College is directly under the Mahatma Gandhi University, institutional regulations are binding to the researchers in the Centre. The Council should ensure that the researchers undergo institutional level plagiarism checking before doing the same in the University.

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