Vijaya Bhavan is one among the seven hostels was established in 1966 and it was blessed on 18th July by Mar Mathew Kavukatt. The hostel is owned by Archdiocese of Changanacherry and managed by Sisters of Sacred Heart congregation(SH), St. Mathew’s Province Changanacherry. The present warden of the hostel is Sr Linta SH.

Vijaya hostel provides a friendly natural environment for the social and intellectual developments of students. The constant guidance, mentoring, and formation of students based on Christian ideals and values strengthen the self-esteem, faith in God and optimism of students. These guidance programmes maintain healthy relationships with the other students.

Apart from the favourable study atmosphere, various activities and programmes are conducted to provide the skills and talents in students like the Hostel Day, Freshers Day, Literacy Fest, Annual sports Meet, Mission Day, Picnics, value based seminars, inter-religious prayer meetings.

The hostel provides facilities like the Chapel, library, reading room, indoor and courtyard stages. Students stay at the hostel under the disciplinary supervision of the warden and her assistants. Many of the former inmates of VijayaBhavan are now at higherposts and have achieved social, professional and academic excellence in different fields.

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